Lucas Lucas, Oh Gosh!

Lucas är en sån mysig film, oh I Love it! Yeah Man!

Lucas: If you're so depressed, how come you're eating pizza?

Ben: Did you hear about Lucas? It's suicide!
Rina: What do you mean?
Ben: He's gone out for the football team!

Maggie: Where are you going?
Lucas: To the dance.
Maggie: By yourself?
Lucas: Hey, I'm a party animal.

Lucas: I guess everybody has their own idea of fun. Some people go to football games. Other people do less superficial things.
Maggie: Look, just because you don't approve of something, doesn't mean other people don't have a right to enjoy it. You're in the band aren't you?
Lucas: Yeah?
Maggie: So?
Lucas: So?
Maggie: So the band goes to football games!
Lucas: We're totally different!
Maggie: Why?
Lucas: Because the band does not have fun there!

Detta är så fint i filmen....Jag vill med!

Cappie: Are you interested in politics?
Maggie: So so.
Cappie: Are you interested in cars?
Maggie: No.
Cappie: Are you interested in wide receivers?
Maggie: What's that?
Cappie: The position I play.
Maggie: Oh, is that what you do? Sorta.
Cappie: Are you interested in being kissed?
Maggie: Yes.  

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Vad har du på ♥ ?

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